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Work environment is everything and at Brilliant Spaces we recognize that an important part of enjoying your career is company culture. We love our team of women and we value co-worker relationships just as much as connecting with our clients. If you're looking for a positive work environment that compliments your work-life balance, we welcome you! If you've got ambitious, busy career goals and really want to challenge yourself to see how far you can develop your skills, we want you too!

I cannot wait to meet you!

- Claire Montgomery


Work With Us

What to Expect

Our typical day starts at 8am and ends between 4-5pm Monday thru Friday. We do have evening and weekend shifts available for the right team members as well! Team mindset and a positive attitude ensures that we can support you through our training process and steer you towards success. 




  • Keep clients homes in clean and orderly condition with attention to detail

  • Perform heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors on hands and knees

  • Perform routine maintenance tasks specific to each client

  • Travel to various residential locations in the Edmonton area

  • Work both individually and on small team.



  • Previous experience not required (we are willing to train the right individual), though a desire for laborious work is needed

  • Ability to handle physical workload

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Strong organizational skills and time management

  • Criminal record check required

Our Team

Work ethic: We show up, work hard and value the work that we do. Our team has the fortitude to understand the teamwork needed to make this company a success.

Ambitious: My team wants to grow with the company and understands that they are a part of something beyond their role day to day. We seek out growth and change.

People focused: We support one another and our clients.

Our Leadership

Positivity: We remain encouraging and affirming despite any challenges or struggles. Our leaders can change and adapt.

Approachable:  To provide  and receive open and clear communication for staff and clients. To be respectful of each others time and boundaries 

Service: We are contribution focused and here to serve our team.


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can say hello!

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"I have worked for CCS for over 4 years, starting in 2017. Working for the company I didn’t just see it as being a cleaner, i saw it as a way to give my clients time to be with their families and loved ones.  Cleaning wasn’t just a job it was something i enjoyed doing, it was very therapeutic. I started as a trainee for the company and  now being a supervisor,  that experience has definitely given me the tools to pursue anything in the future. There was a time where I left the company briefly to pursue another job opportunity, I then returned to CCS because of the supportive atmosphere and a boss who goes above and beyond for her staff. Between the boss (who is one of the best) the clients and the employees, CCS is definitely one of my favourite companies to work for.  "


"I worked for CCS for several months before I moved to Northern Alberta and have to move. That was seven years ago and I still have yet to work for an employer that genuinely cares about my wellbeing as much as Claire. This job was very gratifying for me - from reaching personal goals of getting the jobs and tasks done faster and better, to getting to see the changes and progress you made daily. The boss and coworkers are amazing. I would recommend working here to anyone, any day!"


"What was originally a 6 month plan, turned into 5.5 years and counting! I love working for this company! My boss, she is AMAZING! Very encouraging, supportive, approachable and accommodating. Just to name a few. Over the years I have watched this company grow because she finds the best suited staff that would best fit with us all working together as a team. Very mature, positive and team oriented bunch of ladies. And of course, can’t leave out our appreciative clients who we have built great relationships with as well. The clients are what keeps us working, and an added bonus - we get in a good workout and it’s pretty satisfying too! This company feels like family.  And I definitely can’t say that for most of my past jobs."


"Claire gave me the opportunity to work on the team for almost two years. I was able to teach and lead new trainees in that time. I've always really loved working with Claire and my co-workers there and visiting with clients. The company is responsible and attentive to it's employees, always focusing on the best customer service. It became my family. I had lots of support from the owner, she literally taught me everything I know about cleaning. Thank-you Claire!"


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